Golf course

  • Par 4
  • Handicap 2
Immediately in the thick of it. Difficult left dog-leg. Beware of the centenary oak located at the exit of the wood. Choose a drive on the right side of the fairway to keep the opening towards a bean green.
  •   377cm
  •   368cm
  •   298cm
  •   345cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 6
No major difficulty except the attack on the green which is very narrow and well defended by a bunker on the right.
  •   377cm
  •   366cm
  •   299cm
  •   304cm
  • Par 5
  • Handicap 10
A green in two parts: the first half on a slope where it is impossible to hold the ball, choose your club carefully so as not to stay short and reach the green plateau.
  •   496cm
  •   485cm
  •   423cm
  •   434cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 4
A very delicate green attack with a bunker to the right and above all an out of bounds 1.50 meters to the left of the green.
  •   366cm
  •   354cm
  •   304cm
  •   326cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 18
Par and Birdie are accessible!
  •   311cm
  •   301cm
  •   271cm
  •   284cm
  • Par 3
  • Handicap 12
A difficult par 3 with a bunker on the right and a mound on the left which risks sending your ball out of bounds if you take it on the wrong side.
  •   163cm
  •   153cm
  •   133cm
  •   146cm
  • Par 5
  • Handicap 16
No big difficulties except the prevailing headwind which can make this hole very long. Beware of the bunker located to the right of the fairway at the drive end.
  •   488cm
  •   488cm
  •   424cm
  •   424cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 8
The most beautiful arrival of the course on a green embedded in the woods and defended by a pond 25 meters in front of the green. It may be wise to place your 2nd stroke in front of the pond to approach this double-decked green.
  •   341cm
  •   330cm
  •   263cm
  •   280cm
  • Par 3
  • Handicap 14
Very nice par 3 which overlooks the terrace of the club house. Green well defended by two bunkers and a pond. The hole becomes very complicated when the flag is on the top plate.
  •   161cm
  •   154cm
  •   108cm
  •   118cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 9
A complicated departure towards a narrow fairway bordered by woods. Prefer a departure with iron or wood 3 rather than a driver. An arrival on a double-decked green defended by a welcoming bunker.
  •   337cm
  •   327cm
  •   284cm
  •   294cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 7
A hole where hitters will benefit. Choose a drive on the right side of the fairway. A vast green with many slopes.
  •   413cm
  •   388cm
  •   316cm
  •   327cm
  • Par 5
  • Handicap 17
A par 5 dog-leg right where you can be on the green in 2 by cutting the bend and enjoying the descent. The approach can be complicated depending on the location of the flag.
  •   444cm
  •   444cm
  •   364cm
  •   373cm
  • Par 3
  • Handicap 1
You attack the two most difficult holes of the course. Beware of this par 3 defended by a bunker and an out of bounds on the right as well as a pond on the left. Round trip mare-bunker is not uncommon. Caution with a first short stroke in front of the green can allow you to preserve your card (especially if it is good!).
  •   173cm
  •   162cm
  •   145cm
  •   154cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 3
Par 4 difficult. Drive on the left side of the fairway while turning the mine. The green is defended by a deep gravel ditch, playing short can be a good strategy. Watch out for the putt which is very complicated when the flag is at the top.
  •   387cm
  •   374cm
  •   303cm
  •   312cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 11
A very beautiful elevated start with a view of the pond towards a slightly steep slope. Beware of the second blind blow to a very shallow green defended by a bunker on the right.
  •   345cm
  •   332cm
  •   250cm
  •   261cm
  • Par 5
  • Handicap 13
One par 5 in left dog-leg. Possibility of cutting but beware of out rough! The arrival is uphill on a double-decked green. So be careful with the choice of club!
  •   443cm
  •   433cm
  •   385cm
  •   395cm
  • Par 3
  • Handicap 15
A sloping green. Choose your club well in order to be short of the flag and you leave a putt uphill. Observe on your right, maybe you will see the Fallow deer of the domain.
  •   173cm
  •   165cm
  •   141cm
  •   151cm
  • Par 4
  • Handicap 5
A difficult hole to finish. Long hitters may take the risk of cutting the dog-leg by passing over the forest. For the others, prefer a green attack in 3, the pond surrounding the green will undoubtedly attract your gaze less!
  •   386cm
  •   375cm
  •   329cm
  •   340cm


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