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The "serene celebrations" ideas of Domaine de Roiffé

The end-of-year celebrations are great opportunities to reunite with loved ones.

In this special year, we are sharing some tips with you to make the most of the present moment with confidence. 

What better way to start the evening than an aperitif 🥂: 

  • On an armchair, a rocking chair, a flag, a stool ... plan a seated aperitif!
  • Occupy your children and combine business with pleasure, make name holders for aperitif glasses.
  • Take out your cookbooks, make way for the petits fours arranged in individual appetizer plates!
  • Appoint a drinks manager for the aperitif, he will be delighted to do the "masked" service of course!
  • We do not forget the essential decorative element of the season, and we place the hydro gel in evidence, in its most beautiful case!

 To continue the festivities, we offer you some tips for your Christmas table: 

Tell papi to plug in his hearing aid:

  • we place the guests in staggered rows so that everyone has an empty space in front of them
  • the equivalent of a free space is provided between each person in the same row
  • Take out your finest service and arrange individual bread plates
  • We appoint leaders (yes teens can help!):
  • beverage service
  • food service
  • An ultra trendy table gift: personal and personalized hydro gels, children will be delighted to paint the containers!

Finally comes the opening of the gifts a magical moment for the whole family 🎁: 

  • We have placed the little slippers, by household, at the foot of the tree.
  • We make little "kiss-kiss-love-love" signs to warmly thank Santa Claus, as a big hug.
  • We always have our little so chic accessory, M. gel hydro, which sits proud as Artaban in the middle of the living room

Finally, to enjoy the holidays peacefully from start to finish 🎉: 

  • We have hydro gels in strategic places of the house (entrance to each room, kitchen, tables ...)
  • We ventilate as much as possible the rooms in which we have spent time.
  • We take out (and match) our most beautiful masks.
  • We get some fresh air, taking long walks, in order to deserve our Christmas brioche with its hot chocolate, when they return!
  • We wear a mask when we are in the kitchen (the scale will thank you for that!)

This advice comes from our own feedback on the organization of events in this troubled period.

We wish you a wonderful end of year celebrations! 🌟


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